Extrapolation Factory

Wild Posting Futures BBQ, 2014

Unsanctioned posters, also known as 'wild postings' are the wallpaper of New York City’s surfaces, announcing political messages, fashion lines, multi-colored mobile phones, and hip hop albums.  On May 24th 2014, The Extrapolation Factory hosted a workshop at Eyebeam in which participants were invited to envision the imagery that might adorn New York City’s future streets.

The workshop began with a presentation by The Extrapolation Factory, as well as a tele-presentation on directional futures by Stuart Candy, and a guest presentation on the history of posters by Richard The.

This workshop was methodologically different than others we've conducted in the past.  To date, The Extrapolation Factory has run a number of workshops, each employing a range of tools and iterations on our method.  This time, we used the workshop as an opportunity to collect, present, and compare a range of futuring tools and methods proposed by The Extrapolation Factory and other futures research groups and individuals, including OCADU's Situation Lab, Near Future Laboratory, and Jim Dator.   The futuring tools were presented as a buffet for participants to investigate, combine, and interpret as they worked toward their own personal visions for future street communications.  A graphic design team helped participants translate their ideas into fresh, visual imagery to be printed large format and then posted in the windows of Eyebeam's storefront.

More images from the workshop can be seen on flickr.