Extrapolation Factory

Pull-Tab Alley, 2018

What items might people sell or seek in future informal economies?

For years, urbanites have co-opted public surfaces as unsanctioned message boards by posting pull-tab ads selling or seeking various things. On the evening of July 29th, 2018 we transformed Cortlandt Alley into an analog messaging board from the future, covered in pull-tab postings that depict artifacts from hypothetical futures.

The public was invited to create fictional pull-tab advertisements using a custom futuring process, and then leave their vision on the walls of Cortlandt Alley. Mmuseumm’s exhibitions of sociological objects, offered inspiration for stories behind the objects envisioned. The Extrapolation Factory staff will select several pull-tab depictions to be 3-D printed and donated to the Mmuseumm collection.

Curated by Alex Kalman and hosted by Jacob Ford at Mmuseumm. Produced by Radhika Agarwal, Dierdre Shea, and the Extrapolation Factory. Thanks to Julian Goldman for helping with photo documentation.

More documentation on flickr.