Extrapolation Factory

Mobile Service Stations, 2014

What services could NYC street vendors provide in 2035? The Extrapolation Factory was invited by NurtureArt to lead a five week short course on futures studies with students at Public School 147 in the spring of 2014.  The students were challenged to imagine new mobile services that could change social scenarios in their neighborhood over the next 20 - 25 years.

Following a discussion and lecture on the evolution of mobile services, the students began their visioning process by generating a list of ideas and issues that they deemed interesting, important or exciting.  Their list covered themes such as social media, pop culture, gender, food, and health.  The students bisociated ideas on their list with four domains that may play significant roles in the future (climate, language, insects and robots) to generate concepts for their mobile services.  After sketching several iterations on their ideas, the students’ final concepts were actualized as scale models, which were exhibited in the exhibition 'Multiplicity' at Invisible Exports gallery, which opened on August 1, 2014.

More images from the project can be seen on flickr.