Extrapolation Factory

Futures Capsules, 2014

Time capsules normally represent the current state, but can they be useful for envisioning possible futures?

The Extrapolation Factory set up shop at the 2014 TEDActive conference in Whistler, British Columbia. We deployed our evolving futuring model with attendees to fill four time capsules, each depicting one of four paths into the future.  The four time capsules were loaded with speculative physical artifacts informed by TED attendees’ research fields.

Participants channeled their thinking through the Extrapolation Factory’s installation over the course of a week, producing objects that depict some facet of future life.  The model made use of the four alternative future archetypes proposed by Jim Dator 'grow', 'collapse', 'discipline' and 'transform'. http://www.futures.hawaii.edu/publications/futures-studies/AltFuturesManoa2009.pdf

See more pictures of the workshop and the artifacts...