Extrapolation Factory

Extrapolation Foundry, 2016-2019

A series of futures workshops in the Ginkgo Bioworks Foundry.
Comissioned by Christina Agapakis and Kit McDonnell.
Many thanks to our contributing design facilitators: Autumn Ahn, Jingwei Deng, Jaya Eyzaguirre, Jierui Fang, Sands Fish, Sarah Garrison, Giulia Grassi, Sebastian Kamau, Nicole L'Huillier, Ani Liu, Xin Liu, Noa Machover, Molly Mason, Eytan Levi Michael, Anahide Nahhal, Devora Najjar, Juan Necochea, Avery Normandin, Miguel Angel Perez, Kallirroi Retzepi, Penny Webb, Calvin Zhong, Nitzan Zilberman
Design Lead: Chris Woebken
The 2018 workshop “Sense Objects” was co-created with Yasaman Sheri who was at the time doing the Creative Residency at Ginkgo Bioworks
Poster Design: A collaboration with Richard The with Pam Anantrungroj and Calen Chung