Extrapolation Factory

Discount Possibilities, 2014

Our Futurematic series continued on Sunday June 8, 2014 at NYU's ITP Camp. Over the course of a one day design jam, ITP students worked together to create artifacts from futures that might be found at a black market street sale on Canal Street in Chinatown a decade, a generation, or a century from today. Participants attempted to imagine tomorrow's irresistible bargains, knockoffs and impulse buys.

The Futurematic series is jointly organized and run by The Extrapolation Factory and the Situation Lab as an opportunity to explore experiential and guerrilla futures strategies.  This second Futurematic workshop iterated on the original event, and deployed a more rigorous system for categorizing the multitude of concepts that were generated by participants.  A continuum of subjectively interpreted realism was established - from inevitable to impossible - as a way to organize the output prior to identifying and fabricating representations of the most interesting concepts.

At the end of the workshop, the resulting products were carried to Canal Street at the corner of Broadway for a popup sale, advertised as 'Discount Possibilities'.

More images from the workshop can be seen here.